What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?

So you’ve decided to take on an on-demand dog walk? That’s fantastic! But before you get going, it’s important to know what information you need to provide. After all, ensuring the safety and well-being of someone’s furry friend is no small task. In this article, I’ll cover the essential details you’ll need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk, from the basics like your name and contact information, to the dog’s specific needs, preferences, and any special instructions. So let’s dive in and make sure you’re prepared to give these pups the walk they deserve!

Contact Information

What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?

Your Name

Hi there! My name is [Your Name] and I am thrilled to be your dog walker. It’s my passion to spend time with furry friends and ensure they get the exercise and care they need. You can count on me to take great care of your beloved pup!

Phone Number

To make communication easier, please reach out to me at [Phone Number] if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any last-minute changes. I understand that plans can change, so feel free to contact me anytime.

Email Address

If you prefer email communication or have any detailed instructions or questions, please feel free to send me an email at [Email Address]. I will respond as quickly as possible to ensure all your queries are addressed.


Date of the Walk

Let’s confirm the date for your dog’s walk. Please let me know which day works best for you, and I’ll mark it in my calendar. I’m generally available on weekdays, but I am open to discussing weekend walks as well.

Start Time

What time would you like your dog’s walk to begin? Whether it’s a morning stroll or an afternoon adventure, I’ll be there at the specified time to ensure your pup gets their exercise and enjoys their walk to the fullest.

What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?


How long would you like the walk to be? Whether your dog prefers a short and sweet outing or a longer adventure, I am flexible with the duration and can accommodate your pup’s needs.


Exact Address

Kindly provide me with your exact address so I can locate your residence easily. This will help me plan the best walking route and ensure I don’t miss out on any exciting spots your furry friend might enjoy.


Which neighborhood do you reside in? Knowing the neighborhood will not only help me navigate the area but will also allow me to determine the best parks or walking paths nearby. I am familiar with many dog-friendly areas and can suggest some fantastic places to explore!

Special Instructions for Finding the House

If there are any specific landmarks or directions that can assist me in finding your house, please let me know. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when I arrive for your dog’s walk.

Dog Details

Dog’s Name

What is your dog’s name? I can’t wait to meet them! Knowing their name will help me establish a bond and provide personalized care during our walks.

What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?


Could you please share your dog’s breed with me? Each breed has unique characteristics and exercise requirements, and it’s important for me to have this information to tailor the walk accordingly.


Understanding your dog’s size will help me determine the appropriate walking equipment and ensure their safety. Whether your dog is small, medium, or large, rest assured, I’ll come well-prepared.


Knowing your dog’s age will allow me to adjust the pace and length of the walk. Puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs have different energy levels and needs, and I’ll make sure to provide a walk suitable for your pup’s age.


Could you please describe your dog’s temperament? Whether they’re energetic, shy, or anything in between, I want to ensure I create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for them during our time together.

Any Special Needs or Medication

If your dog has any special needs or requires medication during their walk, please provide me with the details. Your dog’s well-being is my top priority, and I will ensure that any necessary precautions are taken.

Leash and Collar

What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?

Type of Leash and Collar Preferred

Do you have any specific leash and collar preferences? From standard leashes and collars to harnesses or gentle leads, I want to make sure your pup is comfortable and secure during our walk.

Additional Instructions for Leash and Collar Usage

If there are any specific instructions regarding the use of the leash and collar, please let me know. Whether your dog has a tendency to pull or needs gentle guidance, I’ll follow your guidance to ensure a pleasant walking experience.

Emergency Contact

Name of Emergency Contact

Who should I contact in case of an emergency? Please provide me with the name of your designated emergency contact.

Phone Number of Emergency Contact

It’s crucial that I have the contact number of your emergency contact person. Rest assured, this information will only be used in case of an emergency or if I need to reach someone urgently.

Relationship to Owner or Dog

Could you please specify the relationship between your emergency contact person and either yourself or your dog? This information will assist me in communicating clearly and efficiently in any unforeseen circumstances.

Preferred Walking Route

What information do you need to provide when accepting an on-demand dog walk?

Specific Route Instructions (if any)

If you have any specific walking route instructions in mind or any areas you would like me to avoid, please let me know. I want to make sure your dog’s walk is enjoyable and tailored to their preferences.

Length of the Walk

How long would you like the walk to be? Whether your dog needs a quick potty break or desires a longer stroll, I’ll accommodate their needs and ensure they get the exercise they need.

Any Restrictions or Preferences

If there are any restrictions or preferences regarding the walking route, please inform me. Your dog’s safety and enjoyment are my utmost priorities, and I’ll make sure to plan the walk accordingly.

Feeding and Water Breaks

Feeding Instructions

If your dog requires feeding during the walk, please provide me with the necessary instructions. Whether it’s a specific type of food or a particular feeding routine, I’ll make sure to follow your instructions meticulously.

Amount of Food

Please let me know the recommended amount of food your dog needs during the walk. It’s important to maintain their regular diet and ensure they have the energy for a fun-filled outing.

Feeding Schedule

If your dog has a specific feeding schedule, kindly inform me of the timings. I want to ensure your pup’s comfort and adherence to their usual routine.

Water Breaks Instructions

If your dog needs water breaks during the walk, please let me know. Hydration is essential, especially during physical activities, and I’ll gladly provide water as needed.

Behavioral Information

Reactivity to Other Dogs or Animals

Does your dog have any reactivity towards other dogs or animals? Knowing this information will help me plan the walk accordingly and ensure a safe and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Behavior Around Strangers

How does your dog behave around strangers? Are they friendly, cautious, or reserved? This knowledge will help me handle any interactions with strangers appropriately during our walks.

Commands or Training Cues to Use

If your dog responds to specific commands or training cues, please let me know. Consistency is key when it comes to reinforcing positive behaviors, and I’ll take note of any preferred commands you use.

Any Fears or Anxieties

If your dog has any fears or anxieties, such as fear of loud noises or separation anxiety, please provide me with relevant details. I want to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience for your furry friend.

Additional Requests or Concerns

Specific Areas to Avoid

If there are any specific areas in your neighborhood or on your walking route that you would like me to avoid, please inform me. Your preferences and concerns matter, and I’ll ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

Favorite Toys or Games

Does your dog have any favorite toys or games they enjoy during their walk? I’m always eager to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for them, so please let me know if there’s anything specific they love.

Any Allergies

Are there any allergies or sensitivities I should be aware of? Whether it’s certain types of treats, environmental allergens, or anything else, I’ll make sure to avoid any potential triggers during our walks.

Any Other Concerns or Requests

If you have any additional concerns, requests, or specific instructions you’d like me to follow, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Your satisfaction and your dog’s well-being are my top priorities, and I’ll do my best to accommodate all your needs.

I sincerely thank you for entrusting me with your dog’s well-being and allowing me to be their walking companion. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend and provide them with the love, attention, and exercise they deserve. See you soon!





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